The future of neathings

Since the downfall of webOS, app development on neathings has stalled. We still continue to support our apps, and promise to do so until there are no more users of our apps. While open webOS is a great project and I hope to someday see the OS on a myriad of devices, it’s become obvious that neathings needs to move in a different direction.

Enter Windows 8 and Windows phone 8. Microsoft has completely revamped ita mobile presence, and with both windows and windows phone sharing the same metro interface, making apps for both operating systems just makes sense. Over the next few months, all of our apps will be considered for the Windows platform. Check back towards the end of October when the release of these new platforms nears, for updates on which apps will be released, and when to expect them.

One thought on “The future of neathings”

  1. O dear! I have Sleep Timer and wanted to buy another copy for a new device. WebOS suits us fine, does everything we want it to and the hardware is bargain-basement priced. (Also out of fashion — one does not hear of people being mugged for their Pre 2 or Touchpad.) For reasons I don’t understand, HP has turned off the add-payment-option-later, so I can’t buy from the app catalogue (it is still listed) and had hoped to purchase directly.

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