Working on some apps for WebOS

Recently I have been learning how to developing apps for palm’s WebOS.  It seems to be a pretty easy platform to develop for.  My biggest drawback is my lack of knowledge of javascript.  Just to give everyone some background, I have only taken one college level programming course, and it was in Matlab.  Everything else I have learned on my own.

On the precentral forums, I noticed a request for someone to make an application.  The user, heh1987, was kind enough to give some mock-ups of how they wanted the application to look. The application seemed simple enough so I decided I would use it as a learning experience.

mock-up provided by heh1987

One of the tools that palm has created for developers is Ares.  This is a web-based development environment for WebOS.  Everything (excluding running the app) is done completely inside of a browser!  I wanted to see just how easy or difficult it was as a beginning developer to use Ares to develop one of my first apps.

Screenshot of Ares development environment

After struggling with a few of Ares clunky controls (namely the geometry and resize behavior) I started to get the hang of it.  after about an hour of playing around, I was able to come up with a demo which matched what heh1987 had requested.

The app is not complete, as it currently does not save any of the information.  That is my next step – learning how to save objects into the HTML5 database.  Once that is complete, the app will be almost done!  I will make a new post here when it is complete showcasing everything the app can do.